Mission Statement

To provide quality insurance products to our policy holders at a competitive price which we support with strong service and underwriting standards.

Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company is a locally owned and run insurance company specializing in property insurance. Located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, we have been serving the insurance needs of our policyholders in Northeastern Nova Scotia since 1910. Operating as a Mutual, we are owned by our policy holders, who may share in any profits generated by us.

We offer property and liability insurance for homes, mini homes, seasonal residences, farm operations, and fishing boats and equipment. We are also able to provide automobile insurance through our wholly owned subsidiary, Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Agency. With agents located throughout Nova Scotia, you can count on us to fulfil your insurance needs in the following counties:

Map of the counties of Nova Scotia
  • Antigonish
  • Cape Breton
  • Inverness
  • Victoria
  • Colchester
  • Cumberland
  • Hants
  • Guysborough
  • Halfax
  • Richmond
  • Pictou

The Mutual Difference

Policyholders are also members / owners

Our profits don’t go to shareholders – they stay right here where they belong, supporting our communities. Policyholders like you decide where the money should go.

There is a strong network of purely mutual insurance companies operating in the Maritimes, often referred to as “the farm mutuals”. Community based property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, they are owned by their policyholders – there are no stockholders.

Our Mutuals were formed on the idea of communities helping themselves

  • When you buy a policy, you’re more than a customer.
  • You’re also a member / owner of the company with a say.
  • You can vote at annual meetings, you elect the Board of Directors of your Company – other policyholders just like you, so you know your opinion is important.

We’re in this together

There are no shareholders or investors looking for a return on their money. Instead, premiums stay in your community, where they belong. We invest in local projects and support what matters most to our policyholders.

Small, but mighty

Our Maritime Mutuals consist of eight independent insurance companies that grew in the small towns and rural areas that form the backbone of our Maritime Provinces. But don’t let our small size fool you. Together, we represent one of the strongest, most secure financial networks in the world.

Premiums stay where they do the most good – in our communities

With Mutuals, premiums stay in our communities, employing neighbours, supporting the local economy and giving back. We invest in local projects and support what matters most to our policyholders. We’re been buying local for generations, and community spirit has been part of our style for more than 100 years.

Rooted in our Communities, we’ve sheltered generations

The spirit of mutual insurance is woven into the fabric of every community. It’s the spirit of coming together for the greater good.

The mutual difference? Any surplus either remains in the company’s surplus account or may be refunded to the policyholders – at the discretion of the policyholder directors. Plus, Mutuals are strongly committed to their communities and donate to important local causes.

We’re people-centred, not call centred.

We believe in doing business one person at a time.

A Rich History

Many of our Farm Mutuals started well over 100 years ago and have remained strong, stable, and reliable throughout the years. Although our roots are agricultural, today we offer a full range of home, auto (through our subsidiary company), business, and farm insurance.  100% Canadian, we are part of the fabric of communities across the Maritimes, and have been for generations.

To learn more about Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company and its history please see: 1910-2010, A Company To Call Your Own.