Sacred Heart Presentation Photo

Farmers’ Mutual presentation to Sacred Heart Hospital Foundation
Left to right: Lionel Roach, foundation member; George Coady, Farmers’ Mututal agent for Margaree and area; Charlie LeBlanc, foundation member; Dauphine Aucoin, foundation treasurer; Sid Taylor, Farmers’ Mutual board president; Joe Muise, foundation president; Bessie Lelievre, foundation secretary; Bill Chisholm, Farmers’ Mutual manager; Anastasie Crowdis, Farmers’ Mutual agent for Cheticamp and area; and Elias Larade, Farmers’ Mutual agent for Chéticamp and area.

On Thursday, June 19th, representatives from Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance were in Cheticamp to present their first installment of a $20,000.00 pledge to some very appreciative board members of the Sacred Heart Hospital Foundation.

The Foundation is in the process of fund-raising to cover their share of the cost to replace the radiology (xray) machine at Sacred Heart Hospital. The foundation’s share to replace the radiology equipment will be $110,000 so this donation came at a very opportune time.

That same day, Sid Taylor, Farmers’ Mutual board president, and Bill Chisholm, manager of Farmers’ Mutual, were also in Inverness to make another presentation, a first installment ($4,000) of a five year $20,000 pledge to Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation.

“Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual has a history of donating to medical institutions in the area that we service,” Taylor told The Oran.

We’re thrilled with this new pledge which will go towards our annual contribution to purchase important medical equipment for Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital, and we’re also thrilled that both local hospitals are benefiting.


ICMH Presentation Photo

Farmers’ Mutual presentation to ICMH Charitable Foundation
Left to right: Sid Taylor, president of the board of Farmers’ Mutual and Bill Chisholm, Farmers’ Mutual manager, make a presentation to Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation’s Brenda Rankin MacDonald and treasurer Laura Kenny last week in Inverness.