They say home is where your heart is… In addition to holding your heart, your house is one of the most important investments you will make during your lifetime. Be sure to protect your investment with a homeowner’s insurance policy that suits your needs.

Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual offers policies to address your insurance requirements relating to: Homeowners Insurance, Mobile (Mini) Home Insurance, and Tenant Insurance


Fire and Extended Coverage

Coverage for perils including fire, windstorm, theft, vandalism, certain types of water damage and glass breakage. Optional coverage, such as personal liability coverage, contents replacement cost coverage can also be added.

Comprehensive Homeowners

Nearly identical to the broad homeowner’s policy, with the added benefit of providing coverage on your household contents on an all risk basis which is subject to certain exclusions.

Other Optional Coverage

  • Personal Article Floaters – all risk coverage (subject to certain exclusions) for several types of personal property such as jewelry, sports equipment, boats, computers and camera equipment.
  • Sewer Backup Coverage – covers damages caused by the back up of sewers, septic tanks, eavestroughs or downspouts
  • Pollution Coverage – contact your agent for details on our pollution coverage options.

We know that every family is unique. By working with you to understand your insurance needs, we can mix and match coverage to tailor a plan that addresses your requirements. Contact an agent to learn more about our residential coverage and competitive rates.


We know the local farm business – perhaps better than anyone else. For over 100 years, Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual has provided affordable coverage to protect what matters most to you. Our company roots have always been in helping protect our community’s farming property, equipment and livestock.

We understand the needs of local farmers and know that our products must evolve and expand as rapidly as the farm operations themselves. Whether you are a hobby farmer or a large agricultural operation we offer a wide range of packages through our AGRIpac policy to best suit your needs.

Our agents know the business of farming. This allows us to custom design a program for your farm operation that is second to none. As one of the largest farmers insurers in Nova Scotia, we understand your business, and how to protect it.


At Antigonish Farmers’ Mutual Insurance we have been insuring fishing vessels for many years. We know that your boat is your livelihood, which is why we will work with you to make sure it is well protected.

We can provide coverage for your fishing vessel, motor and fishing equipment. Our fishing boat policy is designed to address sudden and accidental events, as opposed to maintenance issues. Our policy automatically includes Protection and Indemnity coverage to protect you against liability arising out of the use of your fishing vessel. We can also provide coverage for fishing buildings and associated gear and equipment.


There are enough bumps on the road of life; your auto insurance shouldn’t be one of them! Through our wholly owned subsidiary Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Agency, we are able to provide the right coverage to keep you and your family on the road.

Insurance Requirements

In Nova Scotia, every automobile used on public roadways must be insured. You must have coverage for third party liability, accident benefits, direct compensation for property damage, and accidents caused by uninsured and unidentified motorists before you can use your vehicle.

  • Third Party Liability – Insurance that covers you if you injure someone or damage someone else’s property with your car.
  • Accident Benefits – provide you with medical and rehabilitation expense benefits, funeral expense benefits, and loss of income benefits.
  • Uninsured and Unidentified Automobile Coverage – Insurance that protects you if you are the victim in an accident with an uninsured or unidentified automobile.
  • Direct Compensation for Property Damage – Your own insurance company pays
    for repairs to your vehicle when you are not at-fault for an accident.

Additional Coverage

You may want additional coverage to ensure that you’re fully protected in the event of an automobile accident, theft or damage. Some coverage options to consider are:


You’re covered for the cost of repairs or replacement of your car in the event of a collision where you are partially or totally responsible.


Vehicle coverage for theft, vandalism, fire, falling or flying objects and collision with an animal.

Enhanced Benefits

Optional coverage can be added to your insurance policy, including:

Accident Forgiveness

Your first accident is forgiven so your insurance rates will not be affected provided you have been licensed and accident-free for six years.

Coverage for the costs of temporary transportation such as renting a car or taking a bus if your car is stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Covers damage to a car you don’t own while it was in your care and control.

Protection against the loss of value of a new car if your car is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced due to an accident.

Your insurance needs are unique to you and it is important to ensure that your policy meets your requirements. Please contact one of our agents to discuss your insurance needs so they can identify what coverage works best for you!